Poems With Choruses

by Robson Junior

Empty Corridors

Sometimes I can't find a way to write concisely and coherently, but when I run out of ideas, I can always trust my thought flow to write whatever comes to mind and fight writer's block. Sometimes it ends up being the same thing over and over, and sometimes I end up writing a draft for Empty Corridors. And the rough draft can linger a lot before it ends up being something I'm proud of, but after a few separate days in time, the result paints a picture of moments in my past that I both cherish and remember painfully.

Empty Corridors

Through these empty corridors
So many people walk every day
Minds heavy with banalities
But it's easy to say it was easy
You don't remember what it took

To get where we got
This is it, we just forgot

Stand by the wall, not ready for it to begin
The revolution right in front of me
‘Cause there's a face I've never seen
It caught my eye, left a mark on my mind
Where have you been all this time?

I won't ask for your name
But I'll find it out all the same

When we shared classes
I didn't tell anyone then
Because they wouldn't understand
The reasons why I felt this urge
To hold your hand
The first thing I found out:
You actually liked my friend

I don't get this sudden jealousy
All my lies come back at once to me

I remember the one day I didn't see you
It broke our ongoing meeting streak
Frustration from you calling me needy
Frustration when I realized I was counting

Then it was clear, the fog was all gone
But I needed to find the courage to carry on

Alone, trying to figure out what this is
To maybe hope there'll come the point
I'll bring you up to speed
I'm always waiting for the next big thing
Once I get sick of the last one
But back and forth, you've been a constant

Then I had a clear view of what had to be done
But I needed to find the courage to carry on