Poems With Choruses

by Robson Junior

Now We're Talking

Now We're Talking

Yeah, now we're talking!
That's just about right
As we dive into this looped beat
You're sure to come alive

Yeah, now we're talking!
We move our worries into the night
Forget that maybe there’s a tomorrow
As soon as it dropped I finally felt alive

Party nonstop, party nonsense
And it’s meaning less each time
You try to close your eyes
And make sense of the upbeats
It’s somewhat late to try it
Once the lows have passed you by

But now we're not talking
You're away most of the night
Can't put together one and one
To tell who owned the knife

Daydreams, hopes of silence
Synthesizers bringing it up
Buried treasures being dug
Fool’s gold, meaningless dirt

I could have sought the truth before
I stabbed these feelings outright
But as soon as the beat dropped
For a moment, I felt eternally alive